Anahi Caceres


Anahí Cáceres
Since 1974 – 94, she works in: Painting, Drawing, Print, Sculpture, Object, Installations, Vídeo, Performances. In 1994 she being to make works with digital tools: Image, Vídeo, Animation, net art, Installations and Performances. More than 400 solo and collective shows in Argentina and other countries; Miró Museum Barcelona; P. Fort Gallery, Catalunia; Johannesburg Art Gallery; National Panama Museum of Fine Arts; Euroamericana Gallery Caracas; El Cerro Gallery Santiago Chile; Paraphernalia Gallery Lima; Nexus Gallery Philadelphia; Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca; National Library MDF México; DCTV Manhattan, N-Y. Since ‘ 80 she had 25 awards in Draw, Sculpture, Painting, Mixed Medias, Print, Elechtronic Arts, Digital video, Illumination, Internet.

Image title
I am an inhabitant of the Landscapes of Century XXI, is something sinister in them. Without birds. Everywhere of the world it seemed not to have future. But the solidarity is meeting perhaps and in in, we pruned to recover the hope.

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