Completed M.A from Gandhigram Rural University and M.Phil Development Studies from Mahatma Gandhi University, He is Postgraduate in Community Media Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai, Camera handled for English documentary Tibetan Buddhism by an Italian production , directed by Carlo Ghidini , Worked with Vandana Siva’s National Human rights commission and Magic Lantern movies. as video documenter, My video art Exhibited in Screen grab award 2014 Australia, photo visa international festival, Russia. Other short fictions are widely screened in several international film festivals. Currently working as video journalist in Tehelka Magazine. whereas resident fellow of Camargo Foundation, France

Video title
My internal and external world , 2014-2015, 3 minutes
I would like to submit my video work ” My world sequel ” to “Unstable Signal: Glitch Video this video I refined through all my journeys. this is sequel to my internal and external world which recently did , I tried re connect cinematic sensual experience and ecology. I preferred the way of narration without music and editing effects. for me it is kind of personal introspection too, where the cinematographic aspiration burns and it reborn in DSLR format, atleast the creative lust burns out through NEW DIGITAL CAMERA, I need to discover, is visual belongs from me? Or Am I being arisen from art? Deeply required time, acquired knowledge, passion to sacrifice for a sustaining documentary? How can I suffer more aesthetic pain for an alternative fearless motion picture, How do I unlearn existing filmic attitude? Both mind and body on a journey, now it’s beneath cognitive confusion, I have to sharpen visual literacy;


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