Anna Ursyn

Anna Ursyn


Anna Ursyn
Over 30 single art shows, participation in over 100 juried and invitational fine art exhibitions-

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Self2, digital print, 2015


Vision of humanity

We often do not realize that our spontaneous actions might be seen as stereotypes or exclusive. One glimpse at a person, or one sentence heard might suffice to make a judgment.

Job interview prohibits questions related to one’s personal life, but most personal interactions start with where are you from question, often followed by a storm of statements reflecting almost everything that person knows about that particular place, and pretty much matching a general state of knowledge of others. There are some favorite words typical for enclosed groups: local, a little bit, or, as everybody else. Those from the outside, or focusing on something unusual won’t fit: they’d endanger thus frighten.

There is a difference between fit and belong. To many one can belong without fitting, but not fit without belonging.

Music is known for bridging the gaps, making one’s habits milder, as universal communication on a higher level.

Art, visual communication, visual literacy, and design have metaphors, taboos, or restrictions shown as symbols with open or close messages.

To create a good poster, graphic, or symbol one needs to possess abstract thinking, where the less important, not crucial features are being removed for better clarification. Perhaps getting to know someone could begin with abstract thinking in mind, but to poses this ability one needs lots of exposure and knowledge.

Our networked communication of multisensory projects available online could do a lot, but if the internet would be free and available behind every bush, and aesthetics would gain its importance, there would be more opportunities to learn both ways.

Copyright is another issue to be solved.