Carla Della Beffa

Carla Della Beffa


Carla Della Beffa
Carla Della Beffa works with video, photography and relational art, designing and producing both complex interdisciplinary projects and simple, poetic ones. Her art is about sharing and connecting: people, ideas, knowledge, awareness. Formerly art director and creative director in international advertising agencies, Della Beffa has been a painter and a net-artist. After commuting for thirteen years between Milan and Paris, she now lives in Milan and is ready to travel almost everywhere. Her main themes are literature and food, relationships. Since 2011, her recent artistic research focuses especially on money-related issues and their social impact.

Video title
A Tribute to the People, 2015, 30″
We are often distrustful, but trust is important. First, it makes our individual life much better. Second, it helps other people. Third, it improves our perception of the other, our intuition, thus protecting us from the rare cases when distrust is healthy. My Tribute to the People is a celebration of love, humanity, generosity, goodness and peace.


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