Chris Joseph

Chris Joseph


Chris Joseph
Chris Joseph is a British/Canadian writer and artist who works primarily with electronic text, sound and image.
His past projects include ‘NRG’, a bicycle-powered interactive multimedia narrative created during his time as the first Digital Writer-in-Residence at the Institute of Creative Technologies in De Montfort University, Leicester, UK; ‘Animalamina’, a collection of interactive multimedia poetry for children; and the interactive multimedia fiction series ‘Inanimate Alice’ that has been incorporated into educational courses around the world. ‘Inanimate Alice’ is one of several collaborations with Canadian author Kate Pullinger, including ‘The Breathing Wall’ – a novel that responds to the reader’s rate of breathing – and the collaborative fiction ‘Flight Paths’.
He has been awarded the IBM Prize for New Media and was the recipient of the first ‘Premio per l’Arte Digitale’ awarded by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Department for Cultural and Environmental Heritage, National Museum for 21st Century Arts and the Fondazione Rosselli.
He is editor of the post-Dada magazine and artist network, and currently lives in London, UK.

Work title
Self Portrait (2015), Netart, 2015
This self-portrait combines four alternate racial portraits to challenge the perception of the artist’s own mixed racial heritage (white/jewish/black/caribbean), and was created with assistance of the ‘Face Transformer’ by the University of St Andrews ( ). The generated text that reveals the images comprises 230 ethnic slurs from around the world ( ). The number of concurrent portraits, text size and speed of change can all be amended by the viewer via the settings button.


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