Christian Immonen

Christian Immonen


Christian Immonen
Swedish artist b. 1962, Works with painting, photo, object and film
Has participated in several exhibitions in Sweden. Painting has always been the foundation of my creative process, but to achieve a goal, the technique must not be a hinder.
The time from 2009 Christian has been working as a curator for two arts exhibitions; V.art09 and V.art11.
The focus, nowadays, is more on the digital arena V-art Factory where the goal is for art to take more place in the social structures.

Video title:
“Pulse”, 2015, 3 min 36 sec
“Pulse” originates from a text I wrote in conjunction with all of the decadence that is happening all over the world right now. The film starts one hundred years after my birth and ends in the present day. A reversed order to reflect the feeling “What times are we going towards?” Is it our own downfall or is it the start of something new?
It worries me that it was the same kind of currents in the early 1900s. If we receive the wrong leaders the history can repeat itself, because the hatred that is around us is once again being normalized.


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