Daniel Wechsler

Daniel Wechsler


Daniel Wechsler

Daniel Wechsler is a video artist & audio engineer currently based in Tel-Aviv. Focusing on the creation of new video techniques, he uses computer errors and malfunctions to create visual ’bugs’.
As an SAE graduate, his preliminary field of expertise was audio engineering for post production, working both in London and TLV. For the past 7 years he has been filming, editing and creating video & digital art.

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K, digital print, 2015
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K’ reflects on common perceptions of gender and color. The unidentified existence forces tenuous yet personal narratives, introducing new political and social perspectives.
I find misconceptions to be one of society’s biggest enemies. Modern and ancient history documents terrible acts that originate from misconceptions.
The main idea of the piece is to tackle misconceptions. The method of doing this was by creating a piece with an unidentified gender and color. Initially triggering confusion and curiosity- hopefully leading to a dialog on the subject.
This is also where the visual technique links to the subject: Computer’s CPU ‘bugs’ and malfunctions used as an artistic approach to observe on the dangers and errors of misconceptions.
In my eyes only dialog can lead to a different mind set and subsequently- ending of preliminary judgement and common perceptions of race, gender and color.

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Outeretina, 2015, 04:05
Electrical events striking matter- passing though light rays.
Altered perception initiating new triggers.
Now you see it, now you don’t.
Outeretina is a tribute to the lives and homes lost as a result of the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal.


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