Ekanem Oku

Ekanem Oku

Ekanem Oku
Ekanem Oku was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She is a writer, fashion designer, filmmaker, activist, and a true social commentator. She has made several pieces in which she shows the issues and corruption in the way our justice system works and injustices to the people at the hands of media biases. Seeing as how she’s a minority, Ekanem Oku takes a personal stand against any racial injustices done not only to African Americans but to all underrepresented minority groups. She is currently a senior at Michigan State University working towards her Bachelor of Arts in Apparel and Textiles. Ekanem Oku resides in East Lansing, MI and can be reached via email.

Work / video

Parallels, 2016, 00:05:36
“Parallels” is discussing the current social injustices in media today due to police brutality against African Americans and how we’re basically seeing history repeat itself and that we needed to revolutionize to bring change and social justice for all. The video clearly makes a statement against police brutality and shows people the similarities between the past and the present and how they are identical and that we are actually moving backwards in time instead of forward. The video is a chance for the viewer to connect with current situations because if you aren’t directly affected in the dilemma then there is a chance you haven’t seen the multiple newscast where these particular stories are mentioned day after day and rather than having them go look for themselves the video gave them the chance to see it all at once and really indulge them in the reality of these people who have suffered.


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