Elena Knox

Elena Knox


Elena Knox

Elena Knox is a performing and media artist working across text, sound and image. Her works propose and disrupt embodiments of gender, and are shown in theatres, cinemas and festivals internationally. She has appeared for La Pocha Nostra (Mexico/USA) and in Jane Campion?s ‘Holy Smoke’, and written and performed four solo experimental electro-cabarets including Green Room Award-nominated ‘Bild-Lilli’. In 2015­16 Knox will present work in Cairo, Milan, Australia and ISEA Hong Kong. Knox has a PhD in Media Art, performs in electronic pop duo Actual Russian Brides, and co-directs production house Lull Studios.

Video title:
Drawn and Quartered, 2010, 3:00
‘Drawn and Quartered’ explores nationalism, clanship, treason and attendant violence through motifs of flag-waving and national dress. A naked, fully painted tartan figure attempts to blend with a
skewed-perspective tartan background (the artist’s own ‘clan’), in which a poem is graven. Bound hand and foot, the figure attempts a traditional war dance.


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