Francesca Fini

Francesca Fini
experimental filmmaker, avant garde performance artist, mask maker and digital alchemist

Work /video
Title “The Burning”, 2016, 8 minutes
“The burning” is a video inspired by the recent disturbing political events in America, that gave birth to a series of images in my mind. These images revolve around the idea of obliteration; the obliteration of the past, of the human progress, of a path that seemed established, of values that seemed not negotiable. But everything is burned in one night, in a bonfire that devoured even our disbelief, leaving us dismayed. With hindsight this was all too predictable, the signals were left on our way to be interpreted: globalization, the economic crisis, the moral and material impoverishment of the middle class, the progressive disintegration of society, are spreading throughout the West the virus of obliteration. A metaphorical patina of black paint that blinds, devours and deletes.