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Jacqueline Then


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I am a Taiwanese-born Singaporean, living in Singapore since 1988, at the age of three. I majored in art subject since secondary school, and took the Art Elective Programme at Nanyang Junior College, Singapore, where art was taken for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-level examination and coursework in 2003. I graduated with a Diploma at LaSalle College of the Arts in June 2007, majoring in Video Art.
Music and literature are also my areas of interest. I am in a local Chinese orchestra, and a church choir pianist and soprano vocal. I write plays, poems and stories, and am pursuing a degree in psychology.

Work title:
Stretch A Tear, digital print, 2015

The act of posterizing a self-image, when facing sorrow, turns vague, undefined in motives and produces a haphazard visual devoid of clarity.

Personal textual statement on theme:
Racial and religious harmony has been taught to Singaporeans in public education, as reflected in history lessons and the state pledge. Despite having state-given ideals, Singaporeans continue to face challenges imposed by an ongoing influx of immigrants, some perceiving them as threats to their livelihood, status quo and etiquette. While the general sense of “otherness” dissolves over time and immigrants assimilate into local culture, the threat of terrorism remains as people take social stability for granted, chid at foreigners behind their heads, and become over-confident of themselves.

Strech A Tear