Johannes Gérard

Johannes Gérard


Johannes Gérard
Born in 1959 in Cologne. After the completion of the Dun Laoghaire School of Art & Design (today IDAT), Dublin, Ireland in 1981, worked until 2008 as a painter, sculptor and graphic artist. From 2008 on, the artistic devotion move towards to video works, photograph, installations. During the artistic career lived and worked until now in Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Australia, Taiwan, The Netherlands, India and China. Currently working in Berlin, Germany and The Hague, Netherlands. From 2014 onwards the activities focus and emphazie mainly on video art.

Video tiitle
Naked Self-Portrait, 2015, 4:20
A self critcal look about myself and the dark thoughts/shadows I have inside me. Nobody is free from moments of intolerance actions or superior ideas against others. Only if I/we realize that, then I/we might be able to cross the borders between us. What matters then, color, or race. If we all take off and let fall our status, beliefs, ideologies just like clothes, then I/we might discover we are all still equally in our nakedness and vulnerability.



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