Juan Matias Musa

Juan Matias Musa


Juan Matias Musa
Juan Matias Musa (Córdoba – Argentina) from an early age began to dabble in the fields of visual arts and music, working as a producer and director editor in numerous films and television projects around the world to channel Channel 4 (England), euronews (France), RAI (Italy), CCTV (China). Realize the animation career in Da Vinci school in Buenos Aires. Today is dedicated to animation and visual experimentation.

Video title
Vitaminac, 2012, 61 min.

VITAMINAC is a dystopian experimental science-fiction film based on comic VITAMINAC by Matias Musa. This deeply searching film deals not only with issues of mind control and government surveillance, but also casts its acute eye over metaphysical aspects of human existence.

The film’s action takes place, during the post-nuclear period, in the multidimensional megapolis KOI-OSAKA ruled by the oligarchic dictatorship of LASSIA, the Special Intelligence Service.
LASSIA succeeds in controlling people’s minds by feeding them with a liquid substance known as AZUL (the word AZUL means blue in Spanish). AZUL has the power to render human will impotent, alter perception and increase libido. In the course of mindless sexual activity, the citizens of KOI-OSAKA achieve communion with MAN X, the God of sex, that is located in the collective unconscious and that, once unleashed, makes human beings easier to control. LASSIA is also in possession of the special TIMING DEVICE, the TEMPORIZADOR, that can stop time in its tracks, while also regulating the pattern and frequency of sexual desire.

The lead KAIX is the quintessential anti-hero. With the original intention of liberating society from the grip of LASSIA, he steals the TEMPORIZADOR, but then decides to use it for his own devious ends. He finally ends up betraying MIRCO, the film’s heroine, and LASSIA’s secret agent, who was originally assigned to capture KAIX, but instead falls in love with him and offers to give him her vital assistance. KAIX is throughout oblivious to the fact that his actions are being monitored. In terms of plot, VITAMINAC evinces a non-linear narrative. In the course of the film, Musa emphasizes audiovisual impact and leaves the final interpretation of the film to the imagination of the audience.


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