Kateryna Bortsova


Kateryna Bortsova
Was born 10.12.1983 in Kharkov, Ukraine.
1997 – Graduate from the Kharkov state Art school with honors
2003 – Graduate from Kharkov state Art College with honors. Got the diploma of junior specialist in the field of the easel painting
2007 – Graduate from Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts. Got the diploma of bachelor in the field of graphic arts
2008 – Graduate from Kharkov National Pedagogical University. Got the diploma of master’s degree in the field of fine arts and decoratively – applied arts
now time PhD student
One person shows in Ukraine and collective shows in Ukraine and abroad. More details http://bortsova6.wix.com/bortsova

Image title
Oriental Self portrait, digital print, 29х21 cm, 2015
This is a series of works in which I portray myself in Middle East national garment. In my work I want to show that in the modern world with its global calling and wars based on racial and religious differences actually no racial or religious differences. Because as we all should be human even though the kind of clothes we wear and what color skin we have.

Kateryna Bortsova - Oriental Selfportrait