Lili White


Lili White


Lili White made experimental films since the 1980’s, while studying Academic painting in the Pennsylvania Academy’s four-year painting program. When working, I search for the unknown and record it, making invisible energy visible. Her fine art methods use materials integral to both Western and Eastern art forms. This work philosophically references Chinese landscape painting, that shows several vantage points of a scene at once, and employs techniques of Chinese calligraphy. Coupled with an intense interest in Native American rock art, she draws ink lines spontaneously, making them of deliberate form and shape, sometimes resembling calligraphy of no known language using red and black Sumi ink. These layers of different colors esponds to what lies below it. After covering the whole surface with transparent, iridescent oil pastel, she scratches through it, in relationship to what lies beneath, to finish the work.
Her films serve as “impressions” that often contemplate relationships of power and repression.
After graduating the University of Pennsylvania, she curated shows of experimental media and fine art. In 2010, she founded ANOTHER EXPERIMENT BY WOMEN FILM FESTIVAL ( that presents live screenings. AXW’s on-line site ( streams curated shows that act as an archive of women’s expression.
Recently, her second experimental-documentary feature, FOOL’s GOLD: CALIFORNIA ROADTRIP in an ELECTION YEAR received a NYSCA Finishing Funds Award.

Video title
Sub Rosa, 2007, 3.53
ON sub rosa – This self-portrait is one of several I made that regards “emotion”. Its particular emotion is joy and peace. Some say we grab onto an emotion that exists outside us somewhere in space. I believe we live in Eden, we just can’t see it anymore. It may sound simplistic, but I believe we all want to same thing: to live our lives, happily. We can’t we work on that together?