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Maria Elena Danelli


Maria Elena Danelli ​

My name is Maria Elena Danelli. I live a magical life thanks the Theater, and I think there is so much magic and poetry in life, and with this idea I create my works, spending my days between painting and poetry, installations and publishing. I’m theatrical set designer, graduated at Brera, and I worked for many years at the “Scenografie Ercole Sormani” in Milan (it was the oldest laboratory stage design born in 1838), collaborating with Theaters around the World and movie sets. I participated in many solo and group exhibitions. The friendly publisher Alberto Casiraghy hosted some of my works on his “PulcinoElefante” editions, and my voice starred to poetry readings. I started an editorial and artistic project with Gaetano Blaiotta, named “GaEle Edizioni”, in Valcuvia. With my left hand I created designs for the poet Jack Hirschman.
I made a special edition book for Sarah Menefee in Italy, in 2014.I’d studied acting with Franca Rame and since 2013 I’ve followed acting class with Dario Fo and Jacopo Fo. I love photography, write screenplays and critical texts, and sometimes I make some small video.
Sometimes I made mail-art traveling to the world…

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​I believe, Photography, 1024 ​x 1494 px, 2015​

​I wrote this poem thinking about the People without Peace and Home, the Refugees and Homeless, in 2015.​

Sometimes I think to Angels
​, when shadows whizzing me on my head. They are the Migrants. They travel blue lines, bringing
in their feathers memories of sun and roots​. They fly away​ ​in​ majestic​
​way ​above us​, and we are like ants away, in the seas air and clouds.​
don​’t know them very well​,​
but I know that​
pass a door and eat memories and sometimes fall as they have lost​
​Hope, and they are like a leaf-trembling hands, lashed by the winds of​
​A​utumn. When this happens, the sky is falling​
​down ​and they glide confused as called by the​
​S​ea and plunge and go off their bright eyes, like the lights of the city when​
​D​awn comes​.​​
– M.Elena Danelli​