Marie-Suzanne Nourdin

Marie-Suzanne Nourdin

Marie-Suzanne Nourdin
Graduated from the School of Fine arts in Metz, the main part of my work is based on the idea of human being reification.

Human body is then considered as an object: As a «tank of replacement parts», it is recyclable. Tatooed, with make-up, altered, it is aesthetic; advertising medium, it is attractive. Prostituted, it is marketable, an object of property and entertainment. Its neries (tatoos, clothes, and so on…) make it a part of a family, a gang, a social class. Employed, it’s a market value, interchangeable even disposable according to its productivity.

I. The human being is unique

As the result of a succession of genetic accidents, «it» is one single assembly of cells, which formula is: H15750N310O6500C2250Ca65P48K13S15Na10Ci6Mg3Fe1.

The human being can be seen as a puzzle. Each piece of it would contain the characteristics of a whole lineage but its result would consistently be unique, as unique as a genetic marker can be.

II. The human being is multiple, replicable.

One is becoming alike, following fashion trends and beauty standards. Clothes, accessories, surgery (etc) are used to melt into the group, giving privilege to the image of the attached community rather than to one’s own individuality.

Work / photo

title: Untitled, 2016
Self portrait, black and white photography.

The number tattooed on the arm represents my birth order since the appearance of human beings on Earth. It also refers to some practices used to ‘dehumanised’ human beings at various times and in different contexts (concentration camps, slavery, and so on). Related to the words « type humain » (type: human), it makes me fully belong to the whole humanity. It’s a kind of paradoxe of a society in which one may soon be marked as a human being to be recognized as one… With the hidden face, this self portrait could be anyone’s, because eventually, anyone belongs fully to humanity