Marlieke Overmeer


Marlieke Overmeer
Born (1958) – Education @ Teacher Training, Mollerinstituut, Tilburg,1977-1982/Institute of the Arts, ARTEZ (drama), Arnhem,1982- 1987
Activities: – Teacher drama/ workshop facilitator, 1990- 1997/- Artist, workshop facilitator,1995-today
After she taught for years, she started to work as an artist in 1995. Her objects are created by combining and editing various materials and objects. They are often a source of inspiration for her paintings. Sober figuration, which moves between figurative and abstract. She is always looking for the essence of things, how to make this visible in every way. Women and everyday things form the motif in her work, including the chair, teapot, and the shopping list. Seemingly diverse in their diversity, their pictures hang together and form a unity in itself. “With seriousness and light I give expression to my images and ideas, in search of the true story, the appropriate line. I make paintings, objects, installations and do performances. Welcome to my world and my playing with the things in life.”

Soms zwijgen (Sometimes say nothing), oil on canvas, 90 x170 (triptych), 2013
From 2008 to 2011, every morning after I woke up, I made a self-portrait by drawing in a single line.