Masa Hilcisin

Masa Hilcisin

Masa Hilcisin
Institute of Documentary Film:

Masa Hilcisin is a documentary filmmaker and producer, lecturer and scholar. She has been involved in a number of cultural and film projects in the region of former Yugoslavia. Her interests include documentary film with emphasis on social issues and different aspects of violation of human rights. Her documentary films have been screened at various film festivals around the world. She holds a Ph.D. in Film Studies and Audiovisual Culture from the Masaryk University and teaches a documentary film production at the Prague Film School. She is also the Czech Ambassadors of EWA -European Women´s Audovisual Network.

Personal textual statement

I grew up in a war as a teenager. I thought that after the war ends I will never again experience hatred and intolerance of that extent. Nowadays, we witness again widespread nationalism, discrimination, hatred and many forms of human rights violations. Many of these are caused because of fears, phobias, media propaganda, and lack of knowledge. In order to fight these dangerous prejudices, indoctrination and intolerance we have to take conscious action against it. Along these lines, we have to recognize that everyone deserves human dignity and human rights.

Work /video

title : Fragmented, 2017, 2.30 minutes
The video ‘Fragmented’ is a documentary video statement against widespread Islamophobia. Title of the video symbolizes distorted, segmented and polarized society because of intolerance and hatred.
The video contains footage filmed during one of many anti-refugee protests in Prague during 2015, along with fragments from my war diaries taken during the war in Bosnia as well as post-war images of Sarajevo. I used my portraits over a gun image collage and a grenade impact on the wall, as well as images during my pregnancy days, in order to illustrate how war and hatred change and deform people and their lives terminally.
The video contains real footage combined with images, collages, and stop motion.


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