Mladen Bundalo and Lucie Bundalo

Mladen Bundalo and Lucie Bundalo


Mladen Bundalo and Lucie Bundalo
Working as a conceptual and video artist, examining emotional and social implications of an immigrant’s life; participated in over 80 international exhibitions, video streamings, artist talks and residencies; co-author of the book “(R)Evolution of exhibiting models”, study of structural impact of the internet technologies on actual discourse in art and culture; curated 12 international art projects; received seven awards for work in the eld of contemporary art; complete portfolio:

Video title
“Why do you want to marry ?”, 2015, 00:09:53
The story of one mixed couple wishing to marry in France. An abstract collection of memories, dialogues, situations, troubles, excitement, disappointment, happiness, support …
When we decided to get marry, we passed all the steps of the procedure imposed by French law to mixed couples. This procedure aims at preventing people who would use the marriage with a French citizen as way to immigrate in France. The method is to examine the “project of marriage” of mixed couples and to check the sincerity of their relationship. In addition to all documents we had to gather to constitute our application, we passed an audition separately.
This audition is the climax of the procedure, the decisive moment. It is also the metaphor of the (absurd) mechanism of the whole procedure: the very moment where two people have to prove the truth of their love (non-measurable feelings) in a legal and administrative frame, and the immediate suspicion toward foreigners in the middle of their intimate project.
We reenacted the precise moment of the audition, through an abstracted situation of the audition, which has been used as a film set as well.
The video represents an articulation of the our personal understandings of the emotional and intellectual digestion of the experience we had to pass through.
Lucie and Mladen Bundalo


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