Monika Zywer


Monika Zywer

I was born in Poland in 1971. I received my degree in Painting from the Academy of Arts in Poland (1997). I am currently living and working in Hanover, Germany.
Exhibitions: 2014 – Jubiläumsausstellung 100 x 4h – art – Kunsthalle Faust – Hannover, Germany / – One Minute Wonder – CologneOFF X 2014
2012 – Cologne One Minute Film Festival – CologneOFF 2012 / 2011 – 6th International Festival of Actual Animation and Media Arts LINOLEUM – Moscow, Russia
2010 – Triennale of Expanded Artistic Media – Belgrade – Serbia / 2009 – „Inner Offering“- Produzentengalerie Rammlmair, Hanover, Germany

Video title
The Headless Artist, 2015, 00:01:01
I am worried about my head. I feel the breath of the one who wants to cut off my head. The orange colour which i like so much is colour from victims now.