Nico Winz


Nico Winz

Born 1959 in Strasbourg – France. Studies in Art Deco. illustration sectional with mainly detours through the sculpture workshop. After two decades and numerous publications in children books and magazines (publisher: Gallimard, Nathan, Bayard Presse, etc …) some animated cartoon and adult comics (publisher: Casterman, Humanoids Associés, Delcourt, etc …), sculpture and «environement art» or «In situ art» will take over. In parallel, he continued his investigations in painting, video and electro music for ten years, under the names of RachiTa RachiDic and otonoM’o.

Video title
The international Sunflower Dream, 2015, 03:08
Between dream and nightmare, a self-portrait seen as a dive, in a broth with strong symbolic ingredients.
Entre rêve et cauchemard, un auto-portrait vu comme une plongée en apnée, dans un bouillon aux ingrédients à forte symbolique.