Pablo Di Iorio

Pablo Di Iorio


Pablo Di Iorio
Filmaker, musician, heavily interested in abstract videoart, documentary, and strange fiction films.
Film Director degree earned at Fundación Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, in 2010.
Directed dozens of short films and videoart, film workshop teacher in small art institues, and one mental health facility, in Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Participated in local film festivals, with short fiction films and videoclips: Marfici film fest in 2010, and Festival de Cine Marplatense in 2015, as well as many other film projections in artistic and multimedia gatherings.

Video title
Rummy Loops Pride , 2015, 1:01
Rummy Loops Pride is one of the Rummy Loops series of videos I have created.
This version includes video from the last gay pride parade in Mar del Plata Argentina , with audio excerpts from home recordings of songs, birds and children ambient sounds.
It loops several video clips of the LGBT flag and the people I marched with, music and celuloid abstract art, to try induce a trance-like film watching experience.



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