Petra Paul


Petra Paul

Petra Paul, born, lives – Photographer, Menstrual Artist and Writer

Selected Exhibitions
1997/98 Photo Collages for the Restaurant Neu Wien, Vienna, – Exhibition of Photo Collages in the Bruck’n Beisl, Vienna
1999 – Arrangement of two rooms for the CSD, Vienna, – Artwork Breast, Baden
2000 “give yourself a chance” for Aids Hilfe, Vienna
2001 inhabiting the border/die grenze bewohnen an Exhibition of Artists from Vienna, Bruce Castle Museum/London
2002 – strip – no body for nobody, Frauencafé Vienna – – portraits as images, Frauencafe Vienna
2003 – female masculinity, Frauenzentrum Vienna – undercover – Café Willendorf, Vienna – – Installation, Galerie aRtmosphere, Vienna – – Installation, Kunstraum A, Zürich – – Pictures and Objects for Aktion Gemeindebau, Vienna – – gemischter blattsalat mit crossdressing, Frauencafé Vienna – – Women in Portraits, Bezirkszentrum Alsergrund, Vienna
2004 – wohn-mobil, Frauenzentrum Zürich – – que(e)rschnitt, Kultur unter der Brücke, Vienna – my camera doesn’t lie…, Café Willendorf, Vienna – – schwarz auf weiss. touch me, Frauencafé Vienna
2005 – bloody days/my body is my home, Kultur unter der Brücke, Vienna – – lllustration of fucking words. Zwischen Heteronormativ und Zwangsheterosexuell, in: gigi. Zeitschrift für sexuelle Emanzipation, juli/aug. 2006, no. 44, berlin 2006, S. 5-15 – – von crossdressing zu dragkinging, Café Palaver, Graz
2009 – queer sight-seeing vienna, “impossible exchange” at frieze art fair, london – – wien queer & andersrum, Café Willendorf, Vienna
2015 Widening the Cycle: A Menstrual Cycle & Reproductive Justice Art Show curated by Jen Lewis, Boston, MA -our bodies our blood, halifax, nova scotia, canada – SMALL, kunstraum SUPER, Vienna

Image title
travesty and more, photography, size 210 mm × 297 mm, 2015
In the photograph I play with gender roles, with masculinity and womanliness to show the construction of both by wearing short hair, male clothes, a beard. A woman crossdressed. Shown are also different races on the face. A tattoo with the world חַי (chaj, life) stands for fighting against anti-semitism.

Petra-Paul Travesty-and-more