Raimon Sibilo


Raimon Sibilo
Berlin-based artist (since 2011). Born and raised in The Netherlands. Graduated in 2004 from a study Commercial, Graphic Design at SintLucas, Boxtel (NL) with a MBO degree in Multimedia and in 2009 from The Art Academy St. Joost, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL) with a BA in Fine Art. In the following years, he immersed himself in different projects, exhibitions, cooperations. The biggest of these projects were a self-made boat for a Art boat parade inspired by El Bosco, a social community art project with the residents of a poor district in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, a interdisciplinary project with 15 others in the woods of the Ardennes (BE) and a 2 months lasting project with four other artists,working and creating in a basement, a space contrary of a “white cube”, dirty, grey and wet. Raimon Sibilo was the initiator and creator of this project which was afterwards turned into an exhibition during Art Night ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Earlier this year he was invited for a 2 month artist residency in Madrid with a solo exhibition at the end of the period. – “A beachcomber in a concrete digital landscape”
Collecting images, ideas, inspiration, tangible objects, then categorizing them, re-using them, adapting them, changing the medium. These are a few steps the work of Raimon Sibilo goes through. Irony, sarcasm, (self-invented) symbolism and humor are often used to show/discuss in a playful way, important/serious subjects. Often the work forms itself into long-lasting projects/series.

Image title
“73301_4840641689848_1651936478_n2” part of the ongoing series “Moving Profiles”, animated GIF, 2013, 0:11 seconds loop
In 2009 Raimon started with a series of eventually 999 profile pictures on Facebook with the (working) title “999 Profiles but it still aint me” as a response on our behaviour on social media. As a reaction on these still images, he later started to make them move under the (working) title “Moving Profiles”.