Ralph Klewitz

Ralph Klewitz


Ralph Klewitz

I was born in 1965, grew up in Switzerland and studied visual communication design as well as fine arts. In 2011 I graduated with a Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice from the Bern University of the Arts and since 2014 I am a doctoral candidate to study towards the Doctor of Arts Degree at Aalto University, Department of Art, in Helsinki.

The topics of my artistic practice and research in fine arts raise cultural, ethical and political questions and I negotiated those in various geographical contexts with meaningful and meaningless; intangible and tangible contents.

Video title
WZ65_Mont2 (2014), 2014, 11:45 min.

The video track includes a montage of short successive clips that are separated by morphing color slides. The clips are recordings of individuals’ spontaneous facial expressions in response to the same general question.
The soundtrack is a composition for a digitalized rock drum kit. Each beat is manually triggered, and the sounds are overlaid to form an unrhythmical arrangement.


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