Samantha Harvey


Samantha Harvey

Currently studying MA Photography at Central Saint Martins, Samantha is influenced by Geert Lovink’s idea of a ‘Virtual World’. How to radicalise the rules of access, could create a society where shared capacities and decision-making can potentially create this alternate environment. Not just within the space in which it already occupies, but taking ideas that exist in the virtual and using those concepts to bleed into a physical space. Samantha seeks to investigate the potential of open access in her work, by welcoming rather than restricting access, and seeing what environment this can create.

Video title
borderline_, 2015, 2:46

borerline_ is an open source film, with open access for anyone to download and share (non-commercially) as they wish. The intention of the film is to create an environment in which it occupies of empathy and compassion. borderline_ voices my own despair in reflecting the world that surrounds me through the medium of video and sound. It addresses with conflicting breaking down images a positive voice, looking at the refugee and immigration ‘crisis’, and closing of borders happening currently across the world, but particularly looks at my own experience in the UK and relation to this. Using new technologies to try to communicate on an individual scale, to create an overall wider and deeper network of ideas. The video includes melting self portraits of myself reflected in a window, in bleak black and white. Showing my physical morphing of self and how I see myself in these times.