Nouran Sherif & Muhammad Taymour


Nouran Sherif & Muhammad Taymour

Nouran Sherif:
A Visual -Audio artist and interior designer, born on 1990, Graduated from the faculty of applied arts 2012. Her artwork varies from Sound, Video, paintings, installations, and performance.
After experimenting in several art projects she found that Video is one of the mediums she can use to express her ideas the most, then she became more interested in experimental videos with surrealistic concepts which merge the reality, imagination and symbols all together. Recently she is trying to find a way to merge interior design with her art projects and try to create a whole new product or direction.

Muhammad Taymour:
An Egyptian Artist born in 1985, he started to be interested in Photography when he was 22 years old, his work is influenced by Abstract, Surreal & Conceptual Art. His interest turned gradually to filmmaking & video art to express his thoughts in a better way and believing that this is the most suitable medium to show his thoughts and inspirations. As a Director & Video Editor, Muhammad seeks creative approaches for telling the story and never giving up to reach the perfection in an artistic way. He thought that emotions is the best dramatic element in any story and in which he can describe the dramatic moments in film in the best deliverable way.

Video title
HOME, 2013, 8:13 minutes
A one shot self-portrait about 2 engaged young artists, and the shape of their life. Home is the place you search to settle down, to get shelter, and be protected from any unwanted outer effects, all these things won’t be, found between walls. The real home is the partner, she is his home and he is hers, your partner is the home which will shelter you anywhere you travel. Between them there might be some misunderstandings and difficulty in communication, these things happen between any couple which has no significant relation with how much they love each other, it just happens in the everyday life details they live in their home. Each one might get into his own universe, he might not answer her urgent questions or even comment on the words she said waiting him to understand and response, on the other side she might comment on a word he had said few minutes ago. Each one answer, comment, and talk in his own mysterious world which creates a lack of understanding atmosphere and Incoherence in their Home.