Shivkumar K V

Shivkumar K V


Shivkumar K V

BFA, Topped with Distinction (Major Painting / Minor Printmaking,) Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, 2005
Call4Robo, XLR8, International Video Art Festival, Italy Bologna 2015
NodoCCS, International Video art Festival, Carcasas, Venezuela 2015
Under the Subway video Art Night, NYC-Berlin, 20 June 2015
NOW&HERE = EVERYWHERE, MOMENT 14, International Video art project Sun, April 26Internationally
Kino Present, International Video Art Collaboration, UK, 2015
Perception, international video art project, Flux Factory, N Y, Oct 2014
Toride International Video Projection Contest, Toride Station East- West acessway wall March 29- May 31, Japan

Video title
Work in progress, Video Performance, 2014, 01:01 sec
The consistent life in work for the existence, Is bewildered, twisted thoughts in congested suffocation. The happy or Joy or living in a world seems of a frog in well. The living in colours though disruption in prevail. The play with the soccer ball or the matter of mobile phone in use at a time is said to be the man in continues outcome of the soul and body which resemble mans multitude work forces in his daily life. The restless in the heaven looking like hell. He’s managing the things without the life of inner eyes interpretation. But as the man from concrete jungle, building the self of materialistic life out of the unhappy soul in the sweat bath. Where the private managed employers finds no grievances or the privileges to their employees keeping them for ever labour. need peace in life.



Image title
Art Shakthi, medium:digital print, 2013

ART SHAKTHI is an inner feeling of artist who deserves minimal recognition as an artist or as art practitioner, where the surroundings have no basic appreciation of art with none galleries or for art presentation. Profession like clay Modelling teacher or art has less value among all the teachers in an Institute or have less package to survive. This is self manifest or self Motivation of artist in form of Her Highness Mother Khali to cast the grace to eradicate all the obstacles in the carrier. The artist holding Brush with Red Paint with the other hands of mother Khali manifests that art a part of life where every thing is arty and patterned created by a creative person. This is a performance photograph edited into Digital Format

Art Shakthi
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