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Silvana Dunat


Silvana Dunat
Silvana was born in Zadar and lives in Podstrana, Croatia. She has a university degree in the English language and literature and the French language and literature and also in Film and video. She has worked as an interpreter, translator, tourist guide. She has taught English at the University of Zadar and History of Film at the Arts Academy of the University of Split. She also gives lectures on the History of Film at Film School of Kino Klub Split. Her scope of interest includes video poetry, performance video, animation, short film, photography and film theory. Her works have been shown at several group and solo exhibitions and film festivals and her articles have been published in film journals and online.

Video title
Who are you, 2015, 04:29
Am I a female? Am I a woman? Am I a female white woman? Am I a white woman wife? Am I a white woman wife mother? Am I a female white woman wife mother? Am I European? A European female? A European woman? A European white woman? A European white woman wife? A European white woman wife mother? A European female white woman wife mother? Am I Balkan? A Balkan female? A Balkan woman? A Balkan white woman? A Balkan white woman wife? A Balkan white woman wife mother? A Balkan female white woman wife mother? Am I Croatian? A Croatian female? A Croatian woman? A Croatian white woman?
A Croatian white woman wife? A Croatian white woman wife mother? A Croatian female white woman wife mother? Am I Catholic? A Croatian Catholic? A Balkan Catholic? A European Catholic?
A female Catholic? A Catholic Christian? A Christian Catholic? A Catholic wife? A Catholic believer? A Catholic prayer? Am I Universal? A Universal human? A Universal human being? A human?
Colourless, sexless, ageless, nevertheless I? Am I I or am I you? Am I full or less of everything? Am I visible or seen? Heard or understood? Many or one?
This video is not about me, it’s about you and who you are.


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