Tim Riley & Georgia Elizey

Tim Riley & Georgia Elizey


Tim Riley and Georgia Elizey live and work on the south coast of England. Working mostly collaboratively for the last 20 years and exhibiting nationally and internationally, their practice involves video, sound, text and spoken word, performance & installation, together with curatorial projects & co-ownership of an experimental art space: STONEsquid.

Work / video
title: Each Step A Blessing and a Curse, 2017, 6’40
‘Each Footstep a Blessing and a Curse’ is a short video, with text taken from the novel ‘The Unintentional Man’ by Tim Riley, which forms part of a series of autobiographical video collages referencing alienation and identity of self when faced with personal choices in defence of human rights; the subsequent psychological repercussions of such actions and the need for personal re-evaluation when choice has unforeseen outcomes in a paradoxical world.


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