Tim Riley & Georgia Elizey

Tim Riley & Georgia Elizey


Tim Riley & Georgia Elizey
live & work on the South Coast of England, working mostly collaboratively for the last 15 years & exhibiting nationally & internationally, their practise involves video, sound, text & spoken word, performance & installation; together with curatorial projects, & co-ownership of an experimental art space: STONEsquid.


Video title
Spiral of Silence, 2015, 3:50
Short video as part of a series of autobiographical video collages entitled ” MY mind My body, referencing alienation and the identity of self…….”
The series relies on a collection of still & moving images, text, spoken word & sounds, constructed, found or chanced upon. Images are shot and re-photographed or filmed, repeated & reconstructed.

I try to speak……

Words stick in my mouth

Retreating to the darkness of the room that rarely sees the light and smells of jasmine from a plant outside the shuttered window and incense that he stole from the small church opposite, I start to burrow, folding sheaves of old letters, manuscripts, notes and meanderings culled from the library of the old doctor and know that I am embedding myself deep into the walls of the house, using text to fill the empty spaces with memory and history, embedding myself into the walls so that messages can be drop-fed secretly while I live inside the walls disguised as the house, listening to the sounds of life seeping through to me in the darkness, a part of the stone and plaster, so I burrow, creating a place for myself to be sealed, breathing almost at zero, where no one will ever know.

It will not be silenced.
Something grows within me.
It will not be silenced.
It cannot be silenced though they try to terrorise me.
It is a voice until the end of time and even then it will grow.
Text adapted from Anatolian Wedding 2014 : Tim Riley


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