Waalko Dingemans

Waalko Dingemans


Waalko Dingemans

Waalko Dingemans (1973, NL, lives/works The Hague), BA Fine Arts (2013) from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague. Exhibitions include Arttrium (NL 2014) and Inside Zone (RO 2015). The recurrent theme in his work, spanning drawing, photography and installation, is the personal relation of the individual to his surroundings. By exploring the boundary between conscious and subconscious, triggering memories or creating an intimate relationship, the viewer is encouraged to experience the work autonomously instead of following general opinion.

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Me int the forest #1, photography & digital print, 2013

How do we remember ourselves and how do we think we remember ourselves – even on this subject close to ourselves we tend to make things different. We show photo’s as our memory, but how can we have seen ourselves as on the photo’s? We convince ourselves it is a true memory. Our pose, our faces – we claim it is our memory. But the memory is only the photo, not the actual moment. This is shared by us all. By showing my true memory of the moment, it becomes everybody’s potential memory. We can all imagine ourselves in this place, there is no difference between people. So if we share the same memory of ourselves, why do we still believe in the false mantras of intolerance to others? Let’s stop this belief and start to acknowledge that as we all share the same basic memory of ourselves, an even replaceable memory, that we have to base our attitude towards others on our own experiences and not on biased ideas.

Me In The Forest