YunTing Tsai


YunTing Tsai

YunTing Tsai’s previous works have taken part in DANCE: FILM 09, EDIT International Dance Film festival, VIDEOHOLICA International Video Art Festival 2011, Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2012, 27th Festival Les Instants Vidéo 2014, MADATAC 06, Now&After’15, On Site Impromptus ( Digiark Gallery, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts ), LOOP Discovery (the most voted video online), NordArt 2015, InShadow film cycle, 9 São Carlos Videodance Festival, ESPACIO ENTER 2015 and POOL 15 INTERNATIONALES TANZFILMFESTIVAL BERLIN (the PEARLS 15, the winner films of POOL).

video title
LAND, 2014, 6’45”

The pseudonymous name WǎngLiǎng has been mentioned in “Zhuang Zi” and “HuáiNánZǐ”. As said in HuáiNánZǐ, Plankton does not know what to seek while WǎngLiǎng not knowing where to go. There is a dialogue between WǎngLiǎng and shadow in “Zhuang Zi”. Shadow depends on the entity and WǎngLiǎng is shadow of shadow. WǎngLiǎng in Land was born in 1911. His ancestors came to Taipei (Taiwan) from Fujian(China). He built boats, planted vegetables and shouldered rice in Shezi Island. During World War II, in the uniform of Japanese officer , he returned to Fujian, holding the gun but asking the Fujian family to run away and stay alive to have their own son. WǎngLiǎng’s granddaughter went back to his land after he died many years. The old man planting vegetables does not own her grandfather’s land but he invited her into his hut built by a waste container to have tea.